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Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time
I loved someone
Little did I know that I could not love
I did not know how
It wasn't fair to him
or to me 
I thought it was meant to be
I thought it would be easy
It wasn't like the fairytales
It wasn't like I imagined
Sometimes it was better than I imagined
And other times it was harder
All I did was complain
and cry and scream
He always listened to my problems
He convinced me that I could tell him anything
But he rarely shared much with me
He was content with making me happy
As if the only thing that mattered
Was making me happy
We were happy together
We smiled, laughed and loved together
He insisted that I made him happy
He insisted that he was fine
But I think he lied
Maybe I made him more sad than happy
There's so much wrong with me
:iconpukachi:Pukachi 1 1
From Sticky Car Rides
From sticky car rides
of sweat, air conditioning
and burning leather seats
where two little boys
discuss Yugioh and Pokemon
in the back
Slowly cruising through
quiet suburban streets
and into the gasoline fumed air
where automobiles drink up 
and passengers take a break
Red lights after red lights
Pedestrians take their time,
Cars cruising past,
Finally passing the auto store
and through the school crosswalks
Over the railroad crossing
and past the place
where people pray.
A place filled with love
and worship
Children laughing and playing
in the grassy fields nearby
while music blares
as the young adults chat
We turn into the lot next door
Searching for refuge
under the lined up trees
which provide precious cover
where we finally land
The oncoming heat hits
with a lazy swoosh
And the sun beats down on us
blinding our sight 
and slowly burning our skin
Cars slowly pass by
Where people
:iconpukachi:Pukachi 0 3
Mini Waterfall by Pukachi Mini Waterfall :iconpukachi:Pukachi 1 0
My eyes closed
The wind in my hair
The cool breeze against my skin
I lean my head back
Let my hair fall down
Building up momentum
Deep breath
Opened eyes
And I fly
:iconpukachi:Pukachi 0 0
The world needs people like you.
The world needs people like you.
Ones who make people smile.
Like the way you make me smile.
Ones that make others smile in any circumstances.
Like the way I smile in a (semi) serious conversation we have.
Ones that can just be there to be a shoulder to cry on.
Like the times I've cried on your shoulder.
Ones that know exactly what to say.
Like when you say something to make me feel better.
Ones that are always there.
Like how you are always there for me.
Ones that are loved.
Like the way I love you.
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I think it's time to take action, don't you agree?
I think it's time to take action, don't you agree?
A time to run out and finally be free.
I'm going to do it.
No turning back.
Rushing through this mystery
only to find the answer to this misery.
Then a flash
and a crash.
Time is frozen.
And that's when you were chosen.
You and I
not a single lie.
We were meant to be.
Can't you see?
:iconpukachi:Pukachi 0 0
A deep understanding
A deep understanding
A telepathic sensation
Truly knowing someone is

But in the midst of it all is
and Beauty
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A 26-character alphabet
A 26-character alphabet
Arranged in every which way
Endless thoughts and words 
Endlessly flowing
From the greatest depths
of her heart
And he listened to them
And he believed them.
Every passing second
Brought every word
:iconpukachi:Pukachi 0 5
What is this feeling?
It's sad when you're gone
And happy when you're here
It longs to be with you
And dreams of you near
:iconpukachi:Pukachi 1 0
Life in Trees
       The perfect morning sun shined down from above the treetops, readying me to start my long day. Little creatures scampered across the limbs playing chase. Chipmunks quibbled over their share of acorns as the sloths snoozed away, being their placid selves. It was another beautiful and auspicious morning, or so I thought.
        I hurried down to our little village with a perpetual “To-Do” list in my hand. I bumped into Emilia on the way to my first task. When she saw my list, her eyes opened wide and offered to help. I pondered on her offer for a while. If I gave her half of the list, maybe I could finish before supper and take a dip in the springs. I gladly accepted and rushed off to count the food in our makeshift storage unit.
        “Twenty boxes of berries, twenty boxes of nuts, twenty boxes of tree fruit…” I trailed on. After checking everything off of my list, I went to check up on
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[insert title]
    Today they destroyed more homes. Did they ever think about whose homes they were destroying? Must they benefit from destroying the homes where the innocent live? They disgust me. They disgust me even though my father tells me we’re of the same kind. We’re of the same kind yet I would wonder to myself, how can those monsters be of the same kind as me and my benevolent father?
   My father was a rather astounding man. He was warm and caring. When he smiled, his face would wrinkle. His laugh was contagious and made everyone feel in on the joke. When I would cry all night, my father would hold me in his arms and sing me a lullaby. I would fall asleep in his arms and awake in my little bed in the morning. We spent a lot of time together.
    I was his princess but also his soldier. I didn’t have any brothers; or sisters for that matter. My mother died giving birth and my father never thought of remarrying because frankly, you can
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Little Man by Pukachi Little Man :iconpukachi:Pukachi 0 2 White Flower by Pukachi White Flower :iconpukachi:Pukachi 0 0 Bee and Flower by Pukachi Bee and Flower :iconpukachi:Pukachi 0 0 Little Guy by Pukachi Little Guy :iconpukachi:Pukachi 0 0 Bee by Pukachi Bee :iconpukachi:Pukachi 0 0


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Last Word
Some people leave you
like metal-
cold & hard.
Some leave you
splintered & useless-
like wood chips.
Let's count paces for
each of the times we fucked up,
turn & shoot each other's hearts out.
Today I break my inhibitions
& say a word I never let myself say:
:icontheemptychest:TheEmptyChest 27 22
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United States
Hi :)
Pukachi kinda reminds me of pikachu X3 haha
I don't usually color my drawings because I don't know what colors to use heh heh
Please don't be mean if my drawings are not to your liking. Thank you ^ ^
I also like to take photos! but they might not be all that great, since I don't have a "professional" camera as I like to call it.
I'm very fond of photography ^ ^ hehe and um I like a lot of things XD

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your day!


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